This year's Oregon Brewers Festival features a lineup of 81 handcrafted beers from breweries across the country. Grab your mug and prepare to taste from two-dozen beer styles, ranging from malty ambers to fruity wheats. Click on the breweries below to learn more!
All beer descriptions have been written by Gary Corbin; please credit appropriately when reposting. ÝCheers!

Alameda Brewing Co / Alameda Black Bear Stout

This is a surprisingly light-bodied stout with hints of chocolate and coffee. Despite being the same color as the dark side of the moon, this beer has a subtle and intricate mouthfeel. The Black Bear XX Stout has won four medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

Ambacht Brewing / Matzobrau

This beer is truly a religious experience. The only beer in the world that uses matzoh balls in the mash (along with rolled oats, two-row, Munich and chocolate malts), it's fermented with Abbey II yeast and keg-conditioned with blackberry honey.

Anderson Valley Brewing Co / The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose

This beer's grist is 50% malted wheat, mashed with salt water and spiced with coriander and hops. Before boiling, the wort is kettle soured with lactobacillus, imparting an initial refreshing tartness that gives way to subtle fullness. Fermented with both traditional yeast and lactic bacteria, the result is a beer with flavors of guava and peach, followed by a slight sea salt dryness and lemon sourness.

Ballast Point Brewing Co / Grunion Pale Ale

Originating from an employee-only home brew contest, this award-winning hoppy ale is named after the tiny local fish known for late night frolics on shore. A pair of new hop varieties – Mosaic and Calypso – lend summer melon aromas and herbal flavors, balanced by a soft caramel malt sweetness.

Base Camp Brewing Co / Hop in the 'Pool Helles

This late hop Helles is fermented with lager yeast, and showcases Base Camp's proprietary lagering cellar techniques that result in a classic pilsner malt character and smooth, clean finish. Unique to this Helles lager, its only hop addition is in the whirlpool, meaning you'll find a huge hop taste and aroma with low bitterness.

Bayern Brewing / Dump Truck Summer Bock

Brewed using the old-fashioned decoction mash method, this light, unfiltered lager uses German sauermalt, organic Montana spitz malt, pilsner malt, plus three doses of imported Hallertauer Perle and the rare Tettnang aroma hops. It also uses a yeast strain specially formulated in Germany to make this beer a rare experience.

Bear Republic Brewing Co / Double Aught

In the late 1800s, American brewing pioneers made a pilsener to be proud of, one brewed with 100 percent barley malt and hopped with noble hop varieties. Bear Republic uses Pilsen and Vienna malts and a moderate dose of Hallertauer hops for a rich, smooth, crisp taste.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co / Paddle Break Blonde

The unique characteristic for this beer is a Belgian yeast that expresses a subtle spiciness: gentle clove, plum and banana accents, with a refreshing sweetness from the pilsner malt. Brilliant golden in color with crisp carbonation, its hints of citrus and spice emerge from the Czech Saaz and German Tradition hops.

Bison Organic Beer / Kermit the Hop

It isn't always easy being green and sustainable. Kermit the Hop is a beer that celebrates our farmers growing organic hops, including Centennial in first wort, and Centennial with Simcoe 15 minutes before flame-out and as dry hops. Tight filtration helps remove yeast and provides a smooth, clean flavor.

Boneyard Beer / Bone Light

This India Session Ale is a single hop beer showcasing Mosaic hops. Brewed with pale and pilsner malts, it’s light bodied and golden in color, and low in bitterness and alcohol for easy drinking, so you can enjoy a full glass without wearing out your palate.

Boulder Beer Co / Nothing too Fancy

Inspired by the progressive rock band Umphrey’s McGee, this is a sessionable, light-bodied pale ale brewed with pale barley malt and malted wheat for a soft mouthfeel. The unique Equinox hops provide aromas and flavors of fresh tropical fruits with a subtle peppery touch. This beer was brewed in collaboration with Rock Brothers and Cigar City Brewing.

Boundary Bay Brewery / Double Dry Hopped Sorachi Ace Pale Ale

This medium-bodied beer is flavored entirely with Sorachi Ace hops – early, middle and late boil – as well as in the fermenter and the keg. Premium two-row and Munich malts create a golden wort fermented with an ale yeast producing moderate esters. It features high hop flavor without tongue-scraping bitterness.

Breakside Brewery / Rainbows & Unicorns

This session IPA is brewed with flaked rice to create as light bodied a beer as possible with juicy, tropical, dank and fruity hop flavors, alongside notes of pineapple, honeydew, lime and mango. Breakside employed four new hop varietals – Equinox, Calypso, Huell Melon and Eldorado – to achieve these flavors.

BridgePort Brewing Co / Conviction Pale Ale

Conviction Pale Ale is a NW style pale ale brewed using traditional malt styles and Northwest hops. Featuring a complex grist of six malts, including melanoidin and rye, it's bittered with Nugget hops, then aggressively dry-hopped using Crystal hops grown in the Silverton-Woodburn area of the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Buoy Beer Co / India Pale Lager

Who says a lager can’t be hoppy? Not the brewers at Buoy. This India Pale Lager is brewed with imported German Pilsen and Vienna malts, dry-hopped with big heaping amounts of Citra and Galaxy hops and then lagered for four weeks at 32 degrees. The result is a beer that is smooth and crisp with a big hop finish.

Burnside Brewing Co / Smoked Berliner Weiss

One of the least-bittered beers at the festival, this beer is all about the pilsner malt and the wheat malt hand-smoked with mesquite and applewood, brewed using a standard single infusion with a short kettle sour. It's cold fermented with the German 1007 ale yeast for a dry, crisp finish.

Calapooia Brewing Co / Santiamber

Named for one of Oregon's many scenic rivers, this is a rich, medium-bodied amber ale. Four different malts (two-row, crystal, DextraPils and acidulated malt) are moderately hopped with Willamette and Cascade hops for a finish rich in caramel and low in bitterness.

Caldera Brewing Co / Caldera Dry Hop Mosaic IPA

This fruity, hoppy American IPA joins premium two-row, light Munich and crystal malts with four healthy additions of Mosaic hops, including in the hop back for extra hop flavor and aroma. Don't let the amber color fool you – this one has a noticeable hop presence.

Cascade Brewing / Frite Gaulois

This NW style sour ale is a blend of Weizen, Saison and Blond ales aged in oak wine barrels with white Royal Ann cherries and a touch of sea salt. Frite Gaulois is designed to be a very mild, sessionable summer ale with a light sour tartness.

Central City Brewers & Distillers / Red Betty Imperial IPA

Red Betty Imperial IPA is dry-hopped with whole leaf hops from the Yakima Valley, combined with Maris Otter English barley, which is floor-malted in age old tradition. Long maturation ensures plenty of flavor, with strong aromatics of grapefruit, tangerine and mango, and a sensational lasting bitterness.

Claim 52 Brewing / Runnermass

This Kölsch style beer was blended with a housemade lemon lime soda to create a slight variation on the historical Radler beer. The name is an homage to Claim 52's hometown, the great running/track town of Eugene: "Radler" meaning cyclist and "mass" meaning liter in German.

Coalition Brewing Co / Honey Trap

This supremely drinkable, crisp and clean seasonal ale will quench your thirst on these beautiful summer days. It features a blend of two-row barley and white wheat, accented with Bee Local honey. Single hopped with Galaxy, notes of tropical fruit intermingle with honey sweetness to create the perfect reason to cheat on your favorite beer. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.

Collaborator/Widmer / Vanilla Valley Pale Ale

The Collaborator Project is a collaboration between homebrewers in the Oregon Brew Crew and Widmer Brothers Brewing. This recipe was created by Jodi Campbell, the first solo female winner, and features a dose of vanilla bean in addition to pale, crystal, victory and honey malts. Magnum, Northern Brewer and East Kent Golding hops balance the sweet malt and vanilla flavors.

Deschutes Brewery / Red Wheat

This beer is an American style wheat ale at heart, with a relatively neutral yeast character, low bitterness and American hop character. The use of caramel and roasted malts give a nice malt complexity and red hue that set this beer apart from other American style wheat beers.

Deschutes Brewery / Gluten Free

What is floral, fruity, packed full of citrus and 100% gluten free? Deschutes Brewery’s gluten free NW pale ale. This tasty beer uses 100% gluten free ingredients, with rice instead of barley in the mash. This beer gets crafty with its use of Nugget, Crystal, Bravo and Galaxy hops, and its sweet blend of Belgian candi syrup. Brewed especially for those who could use a little less gluten in their lives.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery / Glancing Blow English Pale Ale

From the makers of 60, 90 and 120 minute IPA comes a moderately hopped English-style mild ale with a malt-forward flavor. Maris Otter and pilsner malts form the foundation, moderately bittered with Calypso and Citra hops. Another dash of Citras are used for dry-hopping for a little more crispness in the finish.

Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom / Homestead

Double Mountain's house Belgian yeast strain sets this beer apart from most other American pale ales, lending phenolic and spicy flavors and aromas, including orange, lemon and a little resinous evergreen. This pale ale is a little lighter on the booze, and highly drinkable. Brewed in honor of the Homestead at Denison University.

Dunedin Brewery / Mango Makrut Paradiso

Mango, makrut leaves and grains of paradise give this beer its unique fruity, spicy flavor. Pale malt, light crystal, victory and carapils malts form the grist and give it an amber color. Summit, Nelson and Sauvin hops in the boil provide the bitterness, and Hallertau Blanc hops in the whirlpool yield delicate, floral hop aromas.

Ecliptic Brewery / Aurora Crimson Saison

Aurora Crimson Saison is a summertime refresher that matches up well with food options at the festival. Its light malt flavor from pale, wheat and acidulated malt is accentuated by a spicy Belgian yeast character and balanced with Sterling hops. Aurora’s crimson color comes from rhubarb, which also adds a radiant tart character to the beer.

Eel River Brewing Co / Emerald Triangle Session IPA

A crisp, light and refreshing session IPA loaded with notes of resinous pine and tropical fruits from the generous hopping of Magnum, Simcoe and Citra hops. The simple grist of American two-row malt ferments clean with the California Ale yeast, letting the hop flavors and aromas shine through.

Epic Brewing Co / Hop Syndrome

German pilsner malt, American hops and American lager yeast give this beer a distinctly pleasing bitterness, with hop aromas ranging from sweet and tart to pine. Dry-hopping with Crystal, Calypso and Lemon Drop hops, plus an extra dose of Centennial in the hop back and 30 days of cold lagering add a clean, crisp finish.

Fearless Brewing Co / Strawberry Cream Ale

Though Fearless is best known for its malty, Scottish style beers, once in a while they pull over to brew something just for fun, such as this light colored, light bodied cream ale finished with strawberries. Make a Fearless offering to the Viking gods as you sip this thirst quencher.

Fire Mountain Brewery / Paradise

This is a true German blonde ale, down to the delicate German noble hops. A smooth ale with flavor but moderate bitterness, it's excellent with all foods.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co / Pivo

Pivo, named for the Slavic word for beer, is a traditional German style pilsner with the American twist of dry-hopping in the lagering tank for two to three weeks. Weyermann pilsner and carafoam malts form the grist, with a hop bill of German Magnum, Spalter Select and Sahir.

Fish Brewing Co / Fish in a Barrel

This beer gets its name from being aged in red wine barrels for three months. Pilsner, caramel, wheat and acidulated malts are balanced by Hallertauer hops. A Belgian saison yeast produces spicy esters and mild fruitiness, leaving a crisp, mildly acidic finish, while Brettanomyces Lambicu wild yeast produces cherry flavors. Can you say complexity?

Flat Tail Brewing Co / Big Green

A grist of pilsner, light wheat, rolled oats and carafoam are balanced by a triple dose of Mosaic, Equinox and Cascade hops added 15 minutes before knockout, in the whirlpool, and for dry-hopping. A classic Belgian and French saison yeast blend ferments the wort without temperature control, lending peppery, mango and pineapple esters.

Flying Fish Brewing Co / Cold Pressed Pale Ale

Proof that you shouldn't drink with your eyes: this golden color beer features an ambitious coffee kick. Pilsner, aromatic, light Munich and honey malts give it the golden color. Cold pressed coffee from Revolution Coffee Roasters in Collingswood, NJ is added after primary fermentation. This is a true breakfast brew.

Fort George Brewery & Public House / Summer Stout

This stout is just peachy. Really! Organic two-row, honey, midnight wheat and black barley give it the rich malt flavor and blackness, balanced with 100% Cascade hops. After an initial fermentation on the clean, crisp Fort George yeast, the beer gets a secondary fermentation on lots of organic peaches.

Fremont Brewing Co / Summer Ale

Tangerine flower in a glass. Endless days distilled into a nectar of barley and hops. One grain, one hop, one yeast. Simplicity – yet so much more.

Full Sail Brewing Co / Session IPA

IPAs are insanely popular these days. But let’s face it, sometimes it feels like there’s a hops arms race going on. Enter Session IPA. It pours a deep gold color with aromas of orange and spice that lead to a light malty body with a crisp hoppy finish. Not too hoppy. Not too bitter. Not too malty. Just right. The brewers at Full Sail like to call it Session-ability!

Garage Project / Death from Above

Brewed as an Indochine pale ale with the goal of melding aggressive American hop character with the sweet tropical heat of Southeast Asian flavors. Vietnamese mint and habanero chili are added during the boil, then the beer is conditioned on Southeast Asian mango, lime juice and Bird's Eye chili.

Garage Project / Venusian Pale Ale

This down-under beer is brewed with spice additions (kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, coriander seed and fresh grapefruit peel) throughout the boil, and then again after primary fermentation. Brewed in collaboration with local Wellington artist Greg Broadmore and his "Dr Grordbort" science fiction universe, the goal was to create a beer set in an alternative universe where colonial England traveled to outer space instead of India and created a VPA instead of IPA.

Gigantic Brewing Co / Kölschtastic

What makes this Kölsch stand out is the use of whole leaf hops in the Gigantic hop back, lending hop flavor without the bitterness usually associated with this style. Only the finest German pilsner malt enters the mash tun, and it's fermented with a German ale yeast that produces some of the fruity character of an ale, with a clean lager-like profile.

Gilgamesh Brewing / Radler

A Radler is a light-bodied beer typically mixed with tart fruit juice, popular among cyclists and other athletes for its thirst-quenching capacity. Light bodied, low in alcohol and lightly hopped, the beer's unique characteristic is the addition of pink grapefruit juice after fermentation that gives it a tart, fruity, citrus flavor and a highly refreshing quality.

GoodLife Brewing Co / Jay Bird

Brewed with 100% Amarillo hops, this light wheat ale pours clear and delicious with huge hop flavors of grapefruit and citrus. A refreshing, thirst-quenching ale on a hot summer day.

Great Divide Brewing Co / Whitewater

A good example of this quintessentially American style wheat, this golden ale is made from two-row, white wheat andlLight Munich malts. Moderately hopped with Simcoe and Goldings, its neutral yeast is highly attenuative and accentuates hop flavors.

Green Flash Brewing Co / Soul Style IPA

This beer's 75 IBUs come primarily from Warrior hops, with Citra, Cascade and Simcoe late in the boil and as dry-hops for plenty of hoppy aroma. Pale malt, crystal malt and Vienna malt create a wort that is fermented clean and dry with a California ale yeast. Hopheads will love this one.

Hale's Ales / Guapo's Saison

This should make for the perfect palate-cleansing beer to counter some of the 'hop bombs' you'll usually find here in the NW. We fermented this golden ale with traditonal saison yeast, under slightly lower temperatures, to reduce the various esters sometimes contributed by these strains while keeping the mojo just right for the yeast flavors to stand out. We've also dosed in Brettanomyces yeast into the secondary fermentation tank to "funk some things up a bit." This beer will taste slightly tart, and will also have some yeast haziness, but is sure to be full-flavored.

Hop Valley Brewing Co / Pils to pay the Bills

This is an all-German beer made right here in Oregon. Five hop additions, starting with German Magnum at first wort followed by four doses of German Hallertau and Tettnang, give this beer hoppy flavor without excessive bitterness. The grist consists of pilsner, carafoam and acidulated malts, and the yeast is a Southern German lager strain. It's a crisp, slightly bitter beer, with an herbal/spicy noble hop character.

Hopworks Urban Brewery / Evie Radshine

Imperial Evie Sunshine is HUB's summer Imperial IPA. The brewers took this hoppy, rich and golden beer and blended it with 50% organic lemon soda to create Evie Radshine, a summer session beer that is light and fruity wih just the right amount of hops and body.

Kaapse Brouwers / Kaapse Koen

Unique to the festival as Kaapse Brouwers makes its Oregon Brewers Festival debut, Kaapse Koen is fermented and lagered on whiskey barrels to lend a slightly sweet hint of smokiness. The rye gives the brew a dry, crisp character and accentuates the beer's aggressive hop profile.

Klamath Basin Brewing Co / Spud Muffin Pale Ale

This spud's for you! Klamath Basin used 300 pounds of russet potatoes sourced locally from a farmer in the Klamath Basin. Besides the spuds, fermentables include premium Northwest two-row, carapils and Vienna malts, balanced by Summit, Cascade and Meridian hops. The clean-fermenting American ale yeast produces a medium-bodied, refreshing brew.

Kona Brewing Co / Big Wave

Big Wave is a lighter bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor – a smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale, perfect after a day out on the water. The use of caramel malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer and a special blend of Millennium, Galaxy and Citra hops provides a bright quenching finish.

Lagunitas Brewing Co / Sucks 366

A variation of Lagunitas' year round "Lagunitas Sucks," 366 has flavors of mandarin orange and tangerine as well as some peppery notes. This beer is very resinous in mouthfeel, like pine sap coating the insides of the mouth, making for a lot of lip-smacking. In other words, this beer is lip-smacking good!

Laht Neppur Brewing Co / Flaming Peach

Continuing its tradition of showing the fine beers that can be made from peaches, this time Laht Neppur added peach concentrates, spices and even Cayenne peppers to the brew – not with a heavy hand, but just enough heat to complement the sweetness of the peaches. A simple grain and hop bill and a clean-fermenting yeast allow the peaches and spices to shine.

Laurelwood Brewing Co / Hipster Sunburn

Traditionally, farmhouse beers were made in France and Belgium to refresh the farmhands in the hot summers days. Hipster Sunburn makes you want to turn your jeans into jorts and cut a deep-V into your dirty white T-shirt. (Kidding! Put those scissors down!) This was brewmaster Shane Watterson’s first Laurelwood beer and is still one of his favorite summer sippers.

Logsdon Brewing Co / Aberrant

Logsdon uses two different strains of yeast sourced from Belgium for this beer. While one strain provides abbey-like esters and phenols, the other brings a crisp drying character that makes this beer deceptively drinkable despite the high alcohol. The beer is then keg conditioned with organic cane sugar to achieve a velvety carbonation with a thick, long lasting head.

Lompoc Brewing Co / Saison de l'Evolution

This hazy Belgian style farmhouse ale is dry and crisp with plenty of fruitiness complemented by a spicy bitterness, obtained by adding candied ginger, coriander and dried orange and lemon peel to the kettle at the end of the boil. Saison de l'Evolution represents Lompoc's commitment to change and evolution in the brewing industry and beyond.

Lost Abbey / Witches Wit

Orange blossom honey, sweet and bitter orange peel and coriander make this Belgian witbier special. Golden in color, light-bodied and refreshing, its grist of two-row, unmalted wheat and rolled oats produce a highly fermentable wort, hopped by Amarillos and turned into beer by the hard-working Belgian Wit yeast. This beer is flavorful, refreshing and very Belgian.

Lucky Labrador Brewing / 20th Anniversary IPA

Motivated by the acoustic and rhythmic inspiration of Rush, Lucky Lab brewed this IPA to celebrate 20 years of brewing in the world's best beer city. Pale, dark Munich and dextrapils malts create the amber-colored wort, boiled with Amarillo, Simcoe and Summit hops. It's dry-hopped with Cascade and Glacier hops. Did we mention hops? Oh, by the way: hops.

Mad River Brewing Co / Jamaica Sunrise ESB

Jamaica Sunrise E.S.B is a classic English-style Extra Special Bitter. Light and crisp, this refreshing session ale is brewed with mostly pale and aromatic malts and a dash of carastan. Full malty flavor and mouthfeel are balanced by a continental hop profile provided by Fuggle and Golding hops.

Maui Brewing Co / Kihei Kölsch

This light, crisp, flavorful ale is brewed with the lightest German pilsner malts; a blend of traditional noble hops from the old world; spicy, citrusy hops from the Pacific Northwest; and a true-to-style yeast. This beer will cleanse the palate, refresh, and offer a unique, traditional and fresh flavor that is otherwise nearly impossible to find this far from the Rhine.

Maximus / Salvator

You know English style IPAs and West Coast IPAs, but why always ales? This one uses a bottom-fermenting yeast at cool temperatures to turn this hoppy classic into a lager. Northern Brewer and Magnum hops in the boil, Cascade and Bramling Cross at flame-out, and Bramling Cross and Centennial as dry-hops give this beer its IPA-like hop character. Lagering keeps the flavor smooth.

Mazama Brewing Co / Rasplendent

What could be more refreshing for a summer beer than crisp refreshing raspberries? Add hibiscus and it drinks like a glass of raspberry lemonade, but with a nice head of foam and a light touch of hops.

McMenamins Edgefield Brewery / Quatrophenia ISA

Four flaming stars aligned in the night sky, shone their varicolored light upon a silent brewery, and cast a celestial spell upon the brewers. The result is a satisfying, sessionable ale, bounded on four sides by cosmic order, reason, truth and love, that gets the most out of the Simcoe, Galaxy and Meridian hops used throughout the brew and for dry-hopping. This beer is compact, bold and drinkable.

Melvin Brewing / Hamber

Hamber starts with moderately hard Wyoming mountain spring water. Dry hopping and extra kettle hops give this malty amber a little hoppiness.

New Belgium Brewing Co / B-Side Peach IPA

This IPA gets its citrus the most direct way: it's infused with organic peach concentrate, also lending some fruity sweetness. Salmon-safe Bravo and Amarillo hops also contribute some citrusy flavors and aromas as well as a bracing bitterness. Munich and pale malt comprise the grist and give the beer its golden color.

No-Li Brewhouse / Mosh Pit

Northwest two-row pale malt is fermented with loads of cranberry and cherry purees from Oregon Fruit Products. This hand-crafted fruit beer contains no flavorings, artificial colors or preservatives – only the highest quality Northwest fruit, malt and hops. This tart fruit beer is a mosh pit of sweet and tart, keeping your taste buds coming back for more.

Oedipus Brewing / Thai Thai Tripel

A Thai spice dish in a beer! A simple mash of 100% pilsner malt is bittered lightly with East Kent Goldings and a dose of Ctitra and Sorachi Ace at flameout. Galanga root, orange peel, coriander seeds, lemongrass and chili pepper give this beer its spicy and peppery character, rather than the traditional sweetness of most tripels, with a hint of citrus fruit.

Oedipus Brewing / Vogelen

Ever tried a dry-hopped Berliner Weiss? Here's your chance. This light-bodied brew is kettle soured with lactobacillus and fermented with American ale yeast. Oedipus used only a late addition of Cascade hops in the boil and then dry-hopped it with Chinook, Simcoe and Centennial, yielding a 0 IBU beer with a hoppy aroma and a tart finish.

Oedipus Brewing / Mannenliefde

Szechuan peppers add to the beer's natural pepperiness from its saison yeast, and lemongrass helps balance the Sorachi Ace hops used in producing this Dutch beer. East Kent Goldings are used for a gentle bittering with Citra and Sorachi Ace hops for aroma. Pilsner, wheat and biscuit malts balance its soft hop profile and provide its amber hue.

Old Town Brewing Co / 1-Up Mushroom Ale

1-Up Mushroom Ale is designed to give extra life to the risk takers of the world. The use of Candy Cap mushrooms gives this unique beer a sweet, wood-aged character that balances nicely with its bitterness and complex frame.

Omission Beer / Free Radical Lager

Free Radical is a gluten-free lager brewed with açaí berry purée and real barley, specially crafted to remove gluten. A traditional berry flavor is highlighted by hints of bitter chocolate finishes in this beer brewed exclusively for the 2015 Oregon Brewers Festival. The festival is also the only location Omission beer is available on draft.

Panhead Custom Ales / Johnny Octane

Continuous whirlpool hop backing gives this Kiwi beer its intense hop aroma and flavor. Chinook, Columbus and Centennial join the wort in the boil, while the dry-hop regimen includes Simcoe, Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin hops. Somewhere in all that hoppiness, a grist of New Zealand ale, light toffee, Shepherd's Delight and Aurora malts compete for attention.

ParrotDog / RiwakaSecret

This double IPA showcases two unique New Zealand and Australian hop varieties, Riwaka and Victoria Secret, used in both the boil and as dry-hops. Pale ale, pilsner and light caramel malts give the beer its malty flavor and golden hue, and an American ale yeast ferments it clean so the hops shine through.

Payette Brewing Co / Leaning Barn Farmhouse Ale

Shade can be hard to come by in the summer, and a barn – even a leaning one – is welcome shelter from the sun. This ale has a light, refreshing flavor with lemon and orange citrus aromas, a touch of tart and a dry finish. Payette brews it in the spring, just in time to make it a part of your summer survival kit.

PINTS Brewing Co / Honey Bunches of Oats

If you are looking for a great breakfast beer, you can stop. Grab a spoon and head over to the PINTS tap! This beer has every pronounceable ingredient from a classic cereal, including American pale two-row, wheat, flaked corn, flaked rice, flaked oats, white sugar, Belgian dark candi sugar and Oregon honey. You can have your cereal and drink it, too.

Port Townsend Brewing Co / The S.H.I.P.

This beer is part of a Single Hop Imagination Pale (S.H.I.P.) series at Port Townsend. In this case, the hop is Simcoe – three additions in the boil plus dry-hops, on top of Great Western two-row pale and caramel malts, as well as flaked barley. A clean, hop-friendly California ale yeast ensures the flavors and aromas of the Simcoe shine through.

Portland Brewing Co / Super S.M.A.S.H.

This is an amped up version of Portland Brewing's new summer seasonal – same malt and same hops, but more of them. The malt is exclusively Goldpils Vienna malt, and Simcoe hops are added at three different stages of the boil and in the whirlpool. Portland's house ale yeast gives this beer a crisp, clean flavor.

Prodigal Son Brewery / Huckleberry Wheat

A blend of wild Blue Mountain huckleberries and natural huckleberry flavor are added during the conditioning of this beer to add a tart, Northwest sweetness to this easy-drinking ale. About half the grist is white wheat malt, with the balance made up by pale two-row, Vienna and acidulated malt. CTZ and Mt. Hood hop levels are kept low to let the fruit shine through.

Ramses Bier / Antenne Tripel

Organic honey from Noli Me Tángere supplements a 100% pilsner malt grist in the boil, which enjoys 120 minutes of continuous hopping with Columbus hops. This beer changes with its temperature: when served cold the hops prevail, but as it warms up the honey will gradually present itself, as will the low concentrations of fruity and estery aromas.

Rogue Ales / Imperial Smoked Lager

A collision between two German classic styles, Lichtenhainer and Berliner Weisse, this Imperial Smoked Lager was crafted with a special strain of yeast that ferments a high alcohol lager. With a light smoke aroma and flavor up front, a robust body showcases Rogue Farms Liberty Hops and ends with a slightly tart finish.

Rooie Dop & RUIG / Smoked Session Oatmeal Stout

This low alcohol session stout is made with German smoked malts and oats along with pilsner, black, cara-pils and chocolate malts, giving the beer its intense black color and sweet malty flavor. Moderately hopped with German Magnum and East Kent Goldings, its neutral West Coast yeast lets the malts step forward on your palate.

Seven Brides Brewing / Crooked Finger IPA

When urgent care, safety meetings and electrical tape can’t help you, this will. A pale malt bill provides a base from which local hops smack of lemon and tangelo. Then it's dry-hopped without regard to hop safety! The aroma is brisk and citrusy. Cheers to all of us who have put a finger where it didn’t belong.

Sixpoint Brewery / Lil' Raspy

This tart, light refresher is dosed up with raspberry puree, a great complement to the tartness provided by the lactobacillus. Euro pils, wheat and light Munich malts form a golden base that turns purple when the raspberries are added. Four low doses of Hull Melon hops late in the boil keep the bitterness low, just enough to balance.

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers / Baby Daddy IPA

The first edition of Speakeasy's Session 47 Series, Baby Daddy is an easy drinking unfiltered session IPA. Sunny straw in color and loaded with hops, the aroma and flavor yield citrus and tropical notes: grapefruit, melon, lime, passion fruit and a touch of spice. Baby Daddy has a full balanced body, with a crisp finish and low bitterness – ideal for long afternoons with friends.

Sprecher Brewery / Abbey Triple

One of the few high-alcohol beers on the low-hop side of the spectrum, this beer's 12 IBUs come from the three additions of noble Goldings over a two-hour boil. This award-winning beer's fermentables are Pilsen malt, wheat malt and oats, fermented by a Belgian yeast with high alcohol tolerance yielding fruity, estery complexity. Unfiltered, its clarity comes from being lagered for three months.

StormBreaker Brewing / Mississippi Red Dry Hopped Red

An homage to the street this brewery now calls home, this Citra dry-hopped red gives the appearance of an IPA to the nose and with hops apparent on the palate, but it's balanced with caramel flavors for a smooth finish. It's fermented at warmer temperatures to accentuate its hop character and increased fruitiness.

Sunriver Brewing Co / Oh MANdarin! White IPA

This IPA is specialty-built for summer with a complex flavor profile: spice and clove from Belgian witbier yeast, bready sweetness from imported pilsner malt and malted wheat, and bright citrus flavors from Mandarina Bavaria hops, fresh orange peel and coriander. This tasty beverage is dry, fruity and mildly tart

Terminal Gravity Brewing / Wallow Lake Lager

Wallowa Lake Lager is a pre-prohibition style pilsner. Light in body, the grist is comprised primarily of six-row brewer's malt, with some two-row malt and flaked maize. Its prominent hop finish comes from Cluster, Crystal and Ultra hops. A neutral yeast leaves the beer clean, crisp and sessionable.

Three Creeks Brewing Co / Hop Damme

This beer offers a bipolar twist on the classic Belgian golden ale. A unique abbey ale yeast, Belgian grown pilsner malt and Styrian Golding hops form the base, which is then dry-hopped in the Northwest tradition using a proprietary blend of the brewer's favorite hops, thus creating a double impact of Belgian and American flavors.

Tuatara Brewing / Sauvinova

All New Zealand-grown malt and hops are featured in this IPA. Pale and light crystal malts yield the light amber fermentables. The light malt body and neutral American ale yeast allow the intense tropical fruit and passion fruit aromas of its multiple doses of Sauvin hops to shine through.

Uiltje Crafty Beer / CC:Porter

If you are into coconut, this liquified Bounty bar (think Almond Joy without the almonds) is the beer for you. Chopped up coconut chunks and Guatemalan Antica Pastores coffee provide hints of coffee and full blown coconut aroma. Pale, amber, cara50 and chocolate malts, roasted barley and a bit of heavily peated malt get balanced by Challenger, Simcoe and East Kent Golding hops.

Upright Brewing Co / Golden Goat

Golden Goat is a Bière de Garde, employing the traditionally French method of lager yeast fermentation at an elevated temperature. It's set apart from classic examples by the addition of two ingredients – sun dried black lime and a secret herb grown in arid mountain regions, yielding a smooth yet complex brew.

Uptown Brewing / USA (Uptown Session Ale)

Uptown keeps it simple with two-row, crystal malts, a dash of rye malt and 100% Crystal hops, which give a wonderful citrus, floral note to the beer and nose that some mistake for Mosaic or Citra. Sometimes oldies are goodies, and a hop that has been around since the 90s (while oft-over looked by many brewers) finally gets a well-deserved spotlight.

Vertigo Brewing / Lemongrass Wheat

An unfiltered American wheat beer brewed with more than 50% white wheat base malt provides a hazy wheaty backbone for the citrus zest in this ale. Lemongrass and lemon peel provide a citrusy aroma and fruit flavor profile, bittered just enough for balance with Sylva hops.

Victory Brewing Co / Prima Pils

Prima is a German exclamation of joy – a recognition of accomplishment that escaped from the brewers' lips the first time they sampled this mighty pilsner. Heaps of whole flower European hops and fine German malts achieved the bracing herbal bite and smooth malt flavor they sought. All German malt subtleties linger beneath a long, dry finish of this classic quencher.

Viking Braggot Co / Gypsy Tears

Braggot is a hybrid of beer and mead (a honey wine). Viking uses a large amount of Oregon clover honey in each brew – roughly 30-40% of the fermentable sugar – to create the ancient style of braggot you're tasting today. Organic hibiscus flowers lend a berry-like, fruity and floral flavor and aroma, while blueberries add a touch of tart sweetness.

Walking Man Brewing / Littlefoot ISA

This golden, hoppy IPA gets its hop character from "hop bursting" – all hops added at the end of the boil – with Centennial, Ell and an experimental hop. It's also dry-hopped for three days in the fermenter with Ella and Centennial. Maris Otter, Rahr two-row, Vienna and Munich malts provide the fermentables and golden color.

Wasatch Brewery / Ghostrider White IPA

Two-row pale, Pilsen, Vienna and unmalted red wheat give this beer its "white" hue and generous amounts of fermentables. Summit and Cascade hops provide the bitterness and hop flavor. Wasatch's yeast leaves a full bodied flavor in the finished beer, yet dry, with little to no diacetyl. The spiciness you taste comes from cracked coriander steeped during the boil.

Widmer Brothers Brewing / Widmeritaville

This brew combines the tart, salty sweetness of a Gose and the citrusy, spiciness of a Belgian Wit. The base beer is kettle soured with lactobacillus. Salt, coriander, bitter orange peel and grapefruit peel join the boil. Fresh grapefruit and lime are added before aging in Mezcal barrels, then it's blended with an unaged batch, resulting in a tart, refreshing beer with notes of lime, grapefruit, smoke and saltiness. In short, it tastes like a margarita!

Wild Ride Brewing / Quencher

Quencher is a session beer brewed for the consumer who's looking for an easy-drinking, full-flavored refreshing beer. Two-row, white wheat, carapils, acidulated and light caramel malts are balanced by Northern Brewer hops in the boil, with Citra in the hop back. Low in alcohol and bitterness, and golden in color, this beer is approachable and won't wear down your palate.

Worthy Brewing Co / A Walk on the Wild Side

This beer was originally brewed for the Oregon Natural Desert Association and its Beers Made By Walking event. Sage and juniper collected in the High Desert of Central Oregon add earthy spiciness to the flavor and aromas, complementing the Sterling and Perle hops used for bittering and hop flavor. The saison yeast is estery, peppery, spicy and citrusy.

Yeastie Boys / Gunnamatta

This is a modern cult classic inspired by the pale ales that traveled from England to the East Indies and all that precious tea that returned on those same ships. Gunnamatta uses judicious amounts of Earl Grey Blue Flower tea to generate a floral and citrus aroma with the quenching dry finish of an iced tea. This is a truly unique new world India Pale Ale with a decidedly old world twist.

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