2018 Festival Ciders

Oregon Brewers Festival

2018 Festival Ciders

For the first time ever, the Oregon Brewers Festival presented two ciders in 2018.

Cider Riot! (Portland, OR)

Everyday Passionfruit

Everyday Passionfruit is a refreshing cider made from Pacific Northwest grown apples and passionfruit. It’s a cool trip to the tropics for your tastebuds. Naturally tart passionfruit is balanced with just a touch of sweetness for a quaffable cider with a rich, ripe fruity aroma. Cider Riot! is dedicated to producing refreshing ciders, with a pub and production facility just across the Burnside Bridge from the festival.

OG: 10.7 | FG: 0 | ABV: 6 | IBU: 0



Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider (Portland, OR)

Viva La Pineapple (Cider)

Onto a base of rich hard cider made from a blend of Granny Smith and other Washington-grown dessert apple varieties, Reverend Nat added a dash of Mauritian dark muscovado (a raw unrefined brown sugar), lemon zest, and 20% fresh pineapple juice hailing from The Philippines. Add in a blend of three spices (cinnamon, allspice and cloves), and this fresh and authentic-tasting pineapple cider presents like a Summer Shandy or Radler due to the heavy hand on the fruity pineapple juice.

OG: 12.5 | FG: 2.8 | ABV: 6 | IBU: 0